So, my question is this: am I a big asshole because I think Kevin Smith makes terrible movies?

Really, it's kind of a mystery to me. Every movie I've seen of his was mighty unimpressive. I've been accused of not "getting" Kevin Smith, but I think that's like accusing someone of not "getting" Mister Rogers. Now that I'm seeing people all abuzz about how wonderful and touching his latest movie is, I wonder. Are people crazy? Or am I just an insensitive asshole?

Of course, one does not necessarily exclude the other.


Amazon Help?

I'm currently grappling with a work-related problem regarding purchasing from Amazon and its affiliates. I don't want to get too specific, but one aspect of my job dictates that I need to buy gift certificates for people located in countries like Sri Lanka. To make this more difficult, it's possible (probable, even) that I'll need to pay with a check instead of a credit card.

My questions are these:
Does anyone know how to find out which Amazon affiliates handle commerce from which countries?
Is it possible to create an account at amazon.com, create a positive balance through a check, and then make purchases through an amazon affiliate that would draw from that account's balance?

I'll be researching this problem for the rest of the week, so if anybody is knowledgeable about buying from the many amazons of the world, I'd appreciate some help. email me at samDONTSENDSPAMjack AT charter DOT net (remove DONTSENDSPAM for my addy).