Tuning Out the Noise

There are four days left of the regular major-league baseball season. Starting tonight, and through the weekend, my beloved Milwaukee Brewers play a four-game series with the best team in baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals.

Milwaukee's not going to the postseason, but there will be a postseason, and it will probably run the entire month of October, ending just in time for November 2nd, the U.S. presidential election.

Until we have a new World Series champion, I'm submerging myself exclusively into sports news. The real news, the political and world events news, have become so incredibly banal and surreal that I just need to turn it off. On the workfront, people are shocked - Shocked! - that I'm not going to watch the debates, but why bother? I know who I'm voting for. I know where I stand on the issues, and I'm no longer interested in carrying on informed discussion about them - nearly everyone I encounter on a daily basis has an identical position. There's no need to further discuss how little trust we have in the current President.

So, how's your favorite team faring? Are they going to the postseason? Who's going to win the AL West? How about the NL wildcard? I'm predicting a Cardinals-Twins World Series. Look for the Cardinals to win, 4-2.


At September 30, 2004 at 7:04 PM, Blogger dfgdfgasg said...

I'm pretty hyped about the Twins. I get to be the fish out of water MN fan here in Chicago. I love it.
I can see MAdisonites having the identical opinion on presidentail matters ( the smart postion, basically- I've never been a town with more smart people per capita) but you'd be amazed how many Minneapolitans -college aged 'hip kids' even, are fucking idiots. Two people I worked with told me they were supporting Bush...
I know who I'm voting for too, but I can't stay away from the spectacle. I gotta watch just in case something of historical value goes down, wether I like the outcome of the "debate" or not..

At October 1, 2004 at 9:21 AM, Blogger Sam said...

The Twins are hot shit, Luke. Seriously. Look for them to knock the Yankees out of the playoffs next weekend.


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