I don't really have anything to say. My sandals have that wet-dog smell.

It means the dog has been licking my sandals when I'm not around to observe.

Did you know that I live with a dog now? He's a sweet Pit-Bull Terrier named Evy Mannas, the only dog that I've known in my life that doesn't bark. Period. Sometimes he whines a little, but if you tell him to shut up, he does so. I enjoy living with a dog.

Last night, I saw the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (and unless you're a comic geek or a sucker for set design, don't bother seeing it), and came home to the dog, lying on my couch. He's not supposed to do that. I called him down, and he got down, and I rubbed his head and neck and shoulders, and he licked the inside of my elbow. Then I just lay there with his head resting on my bicep, and I thought that this was what a pet should be.

None of that bullshit you get from cats. I've gotten fond of living without a cat, and am loathe to live with one again.


Boy did I have a doozy of a post. It seems like whenever I have an actual worthwhile post, Blogger nukes it. So frustrating.

Looks like I've been doing everything right.