Day 2


Day 1, all over again.


Oh, and I'm having a terribly happy birthday. Absolutely fantastic.

This desert, it is a lonely place.

Here I have nothing to keep me company but the empty echoes of thoughts ringing through my head, and no amusement save for swatting at flies that dart and land and weave away and land again, tickling my skin. The only game, survival, pays you nothing for winning but takes your life for losing.

The mirage can seduce even the strong-minded into burying themselves alive in sand.

A decrepit tree gives the only shelter, withered and grasping like a bony hand. Everything kept under the watchful gaze of the sun and guarded on all sides by the stoic attention of giant, red rock cliffs. They ring around the rosey. Shoulder to shoulder, the cliffs form the edges of an arena, where each living thing is pitted against every other creature; where a rock is a tool, a rope is an escape, a companion is a liability.

I am walled in here and do my best to remain unnoticed. Best to wait and all things smite each other, then slip quietly away in the night.

I just need a evening with someone nice to hide me.