Yesterday I put together a fantastic post that connected tattoos, rites of passage, societal constructs, inferiority complexes (specifically mine), and cartoons. I was quite proud of the phrasing, the development, and the punchline. Then blogger nuked it.

So I composed a post attempting to recreate it, and though it lacked the magic of the first, it communicated the general idea and still had a witty end to it, though far less clever without the great setup I had done before. I tried to post that, but blogger nuked it.

By then I had been foiled enough that I wanted to let everyone know: Blogger sucks. It will undermine your genius. Of course, you can guess what happened to that post.

Then I just typed a cuss word - hell, if you really must know - to let everyone know I was raging mad, and even though I never expected to get it out onto the internet, I felt a little better typing it out and hitting the post button anyway, knowing full well that my meager one-word post would get tossed. I was not disappointed.

But here I am. A sucker with brand loyalty, never learning the lesson, still using Acme.

Back with a vengeance!


Obligatory embarrassing cry for pity.