Things have changed. I'll be updating remotely, if at all.



I was going to write about taxes and what a painful process that's been for me, but then I had second thoughts, because I can't really complain. Others have it much worse than me, though I do maintain that I get a pretty stiff treatment from the Feds.

Then I read parts of my archives and wanted to hide from shame. I don't have stats anymore, so I don't know exactly who reads this, but I'm shocked. Awed, even. I sound like a sophomore in high school.

So I'm not going to write anything about my taxes, then. I had a bologna and cheese sandwich for lunch and wrote for a bit, then I got kinda hot and went back inside and worked. It's all right.

Now I'm a little tired, but I have to run to the post office after work to mail my taxes, and I want to pick up some grey yarn for a craft project I'm working on. Oh, and it sounds like that apartment thing (referenced on Spiders in Space) is going to happen.


Boo hoo, my girlfriend moved away.