The band has been solicited to quote prices for playing a wedding. This is a new frontier for us.

We've had our first paying gig, back in December, which was an important breakthrough. Our second paying gig is in two weeks, and involves a little more organization and a longer playing time, also a great threshold to cross.

A wedding is a different story altogether. Weddings require knowledge of certain "standards" so the cavorting drunks can remember that tune they hear at every wedding. Weddings require a lot of lip stamina, since it's typically a long player (> 3 hours!!). Weddings require a certain swagger that is nascent yet strangely inhibited in our band. Weddings require Saturdays.

I think it's a great opportunity, but it's not a sure thing. And even if we do get the gig, I'm waiting for the event to happen before I can accurately say if it's something I'd be interested in repeating. Could be that for the time and effort involved in moving equipment, setting up, playing, tearing down, and driving home, the money isn't worth it.

Of course, it could also turn out that weddings are a fun time and good exposure. And worth the money.


Maybe I can run away and join the circus. Or maybe I cannot.

I feel very alone.