I've got this daily calendar with a "Survival" theme. It was a holiday gift from my supervisor.

I like daily calendars. Daily content is important to me, since I only have the attention span to read these short paragraphs on the paper squares. And each day gone by is a new piece of scratch paper. Really, a useful thing.

Today's survival item: How to Take a Punch. Tighten your stomach muscles. A body blow to the gut (solar plexus) can damage organs and kill. Do not suck in your stomach. Doing so only increases the risk of internal injury. Shift slightly so that the blow hits your side, but do not flinch or move away from the punch.

You got all that John?


My roommate, he don't wash dishes no mo'.
He watch TV and fall asleep on the flo'.
He drink hisself two dozen beers then rambles 'bout his hopes and fears
But he won't wash no dishes anymo'.