To lighten the mood a bit, here's a bit from the Daily Survival Calendar:

How to Escape from a Bear

If you see a bear but it does not see you, make your presence known and back away. Talk loudly, clap, sing, or call out. There is no guaranteed minimum safe distance from a bear: the further, the better. If you are in a car, remain in your vehicle. Do not get out, even for a quick photo. Keep your windows up. Do not impede the bear from crossing the road.

If the bear looks as if it is about to attack, do not run - remain still. Remember, bears can run much faster than humans, and bears can climb trees. However, documented attacks show that an attack by a mother black bear often ends when the person stops fighting.

If you are lying still and the bear attacks, strike back with anything you can. Go for the bear's eyes or its snout.


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