This war in Iraq is rude.

But Saddam Hussein is an evil man! all you hysterical know-nothings exclaim. He gassed his own people! He's a malicious dictator that possesses dangerous weapons!

I'm sorry, but this rings so hollow for me. I find it irksome to 360 degrees that people are willing to waffle their position on the war just because it's started. Folks, that's retarded. It's just really, really fucking stupid and in your hearts you probably know that but you're too afraid of what your co-workers will think if you say this is wrong after troops are in the field.

I don't understand the double-standard with the weapons of mass destruction. Why are we allowed to possess them? Because we're the "good guys"? Because we have "restraint"? Ask Harry Truman about restraint.

And I don't know, for the life of me, whether or not Saddam Hussein is an evil man. Please, give me something besides major-media reports of his evildoing. Please, give me something that didn't hit print or the airwaves via the US government, because I won't trust the things that did.

The more I think about this, the angrier I get.



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