The search is on!

This Thursday, the roommate and I are looking at an apartment. We probably will not rent it.

I don't say that to be flip; I really do take where I live pretty seriously. Yet I've learned that looking for apartments in this city is a frustrating process, and as soon as you attach yourself to a particular property, it slips away. This is especially the case when looking for a place with roommates. It's not that they deliberately foil you; rather, each person has unique requirements, and accommodating all of them approaches the impossible.

That said, this is an interesting prospect of an apartment. It's on the isthmus, close to the Capitol, a top floor two-bedroom with beamed ceilings and two decks. I've only looked at photos online, but I've been by the place several times in the past, and it's a decent building.

Why we probably won't get it: the current tenants haven't decided whether or not to renew their lease (they probably will - the deadline is tomorrow). Also, we will view it along with other interested parties - they'll have lease applications in hand and ready, and they'll have impeccable credit ratings. Alas, my credit rating has gone to shit in the past year.

But an apartment like this, if it's even a fraction of what I imagine it to be, would dramatically improve my quality of life.


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