It snowed here - Baraboo - last night. Finally I can be satisfied with winter. In addition to the chilly winds and overcast skies, there's snow. The best part of winter. When I woke up, a bright, clean, white light reflected on the ceiling above my bed. Immediately, I knew.

Years ago, I lived in Minnesota, down in the southwestern corner rammed up against Iowa and South Dakota. It's flat there, probably one of the flattest places you can live in this country, outside of western Kansas and Nebraska, and it snowed like nothing I've ever seen before. Perhaps the only reason I can really relate to Hoth, in The Empire Strikes Back, is because I once lived there and witnessed truly massive snowfalls.

It snowed a lot there, inches upon inches, but because of the horizontal geography, it drifted too. I remember one time I was in kindergarten, my mom opened the front door of our one-story ranch house and it was blocked with snow. Those snow piles you see in large parking lots, after they've been plowed? They were on every corner. A kid could dig snow forts, seven feet deep. It was heaven.


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