I've been thinking about ideology, and why I live my life the way that I do. Do I hold contrary beliefs, and if so, is this a bad thing? Since I do not factor a god into the equation, what compels me to treat others well and live a life with meaning? Is unchecked hedonism really that bad? Can I reconcile the suffering I have caused others with my strong desire to move forward and disregard the past?

Only lately has it occurred to me how central atheism is to my life. I'm no fundamentalist atheist, but I do believe that there is no god, and the central holy figure in any person's life is that one person. Does that mean everything I do is sacred? From a certain way of thinking, yes. Indeed, removing god doesn't mean removing a belief system. But removing god does mean taking responsibility for actions and their consequences.

Because I don't believe in god, I believe it is the individual's place to decide what is right and what is wrong. With that decision placed in the hands of each person, you may get so many billions of different definitions of right and wrong, but I would posit the appearance of strong similarities in those definitions. It might be difficult to defend these positions. Without a holy book or a societal law telling you it is wrong to kill someone else, how do you prove that it is?

This is one small part of the reason I believe in anarchy. Without dogma hanging over our heads, we can make the right decisions, and we can help ourselves. We can do the right thing. It's certainly scary to think of a human race unbound by tradition and law, but I think the possibilities of that are wonderful.

World peace cannot exist with government. As long as people organize themselves into nation-states, those nation-states will compete impersonally for land, resources, wealth. One of the great successes of democracy has been to distance the leaders from the people while still giving an illusion of responsibility. Yet once in power, lawmakers can pass laws to help them stay in power. Additionally, they will exploit other peoples to provide for the common good in their own land, thus ensuring that the government remains.

There may come a time when the only societal organization is neighbors shaking hands, or conversation between friends. People can help each other, and each individual is free to look out for his own well-being. Small agriculture would flourish, and the lack of infrastructure would promote local community. It could be a decent world.


Waiting for snow, for the curtain of winter to come down and veil the land. It makes it easier for me to do what I have to do.

And speaking of things I have to do. I have to ditch this blog. It's been great posting and getting feedback from everyone, but I've become concerned about the personal and professional implications. There's free time for people to be writing in, and work time needs to be focused on work.

Maybe I'll toss a few choice words up every now and then, but I won't be making a weekdaily update anymore. Keeping this has marginally improved my writing skills, which was the goal. Now it's time to make the switch to offline writing.

Goodbye and good luck.