No jibba-jabba today. Just too damn tired.


I had a long post prepared about how great I feel when I'm running regularly, but I scrapped it. I'm too pissed off at limpdick Americans who think art shouldn't be disrupting.
Yes, I'm going to go purchase an overpriced, mass-produced Thomas Kinkade "original" after work. There's a difference between art that offends and art that is not. Challenge yourselves, folks. Not all is "warm, inner glows."
I can't believe I'm so angry about this.

So in the shadow of the rock he sat, crunching on dry beans and choking them down with as little water as he could manage. The sun demolished the landscape to the horizon, leaving nothing untouched; no plant unchoked, no animal comfortable with shelter and relief; no spot of earth smooth with moisture, the cracks left behind bursting with white heat; no wind unbound swept through the empty spaces, but instead a staleness in the air quivered visibly before James' eyes.
"This is where they come to die," he whispered, not bothering to consider who "they" might be. What he knew was that he had left one place busy with people and filled with suffering for another, one that scorned life but spilled over with pain in much the same way.


And my speakers came today. I can't wait to get home, hook them up, and shake.
Boogity boogity boo!

Most of my projects are at a standstill. I haven't worked on my serial for more than a week now, and the last time I picked up the bolo tie was while a bit tipsy and stoned out o' my gourd on Sunday. I spilled many beads.
The band progresses, though I'm not as enthusiastic about it as I was even a month ago. It's probably this autumn thing. I really like the season, the weather, and the colors, but: I get pensive, and spend much of the time reflecting. I get a bit quieter. That doesn't mean I don't like it; the person I would more like to be is more reflective, quieter, more to the point. But I do withdraw a bit at these times and withhold creative energy.
I can feel it building inside of me. There are wonderful things in store for the winter and the year to come.


Typically, I evaluate my mood and situation before listening to music. In most cases, the music should match the mood or manipulate it how I would like. I use it to enhance and alter the environment and the quality of experience.
Not anymore. I'm in the process of listening to my MP3 collection (yes, I own copies of all the CDs) in alphabetical order by artist and then by album. The idea is to jump genre, juxtapose Bill Monroe with Beck with Boards of Canada. I've a feeling it will also expose music that doesn't match up in quality, another goal. After moving, I loaded up my CD towers, and both of them are full. Just months ago, I was at 66%. It's tough for me to believe that the remaining 33% was made up with non-impulsively-purchased albums. Admittedly, some are burned mix CDs, but certainly no more than five.
It's been difficult to resist the urge to throw in something else: I picked up The Magnetic Fields' "69 Love Songs" and I want to listen to it a lot more than DJ Krush or Boards of Canada. Because I persisted, though, I discovered the brilliance that is Built to Spill. So there are rewards in what I'm doing.


This weekend was excellent. Lili and I got on pretty well, and we saw many interesting things. Friday night we didn't do much (except watch Star Trek), but Saturday morning we packed a picnic for the Madison Farmer's Market. We had lunch there, and after getting rained out, went over to Lee's for a movie (Spy Kids - it's okay, and certainly a good one for kids) and a spaghetti dinner. Then it was early to bed.
Sunday we checked out the IronMan triathlon at various points. We played with Lego until her mom came to pick her up. I built a mutant space-age covered wagon of sorts. It kinda sucked, but it was fun.
In the meantime, I got a lot done on that bolo tie I'm beading together. It's over half done. At times I fret over the consistency of the tautness of the stitch, but it does look nice regardless. Interrobang is right: unless somebody is specifically looking for it, they will not notice.
Also: I bought speakers today. Through eBay, I paid about 50%. With shipping, maybe 66%. They're for the iBook. I'm excited.