Putting a 'blog together has been an experience similar to when I started writing, all those years ago. I sit down, and then comes the big questions. "What now?" "So what?" The big difference is that when I began writing, it was on loose leaf sheets I stuck in a folder and kept to myself. Even if no one's reading this, everyone can; and I feel as though a bunch of people out there are asking "So? What now? So what?" I have to assume one gets over the self-consciousness. Still, it's weird.


Ha. You're probably as sick as I am of hearing about that whole marriage business.
Yet I find some comfort in knowing that she's been "marked," so to speak. In some cultures, this would make her an outcast, ineligible for nuptials.

Don't get me wrong; I'm glad we live in a society and culture where that's not the case. It's just nice to know that some celebrities (even if they are B-list) have known shame, filth, poverty. It gives it more meaning.

I've been considering becoming Board Certified as a Life Science editor through a test offered by BELS. Those of you who know me might chuckle, seeing as how I took the creative path of least resistance through college. But I think I have a legitimate shot at it. After all, I am trained as an editor, and after two years of working in a heavily science-oriented job, I can tell a µg from a Ci. And the test is multiple choice, which certainly isn't going to hurt me. I've always wanted to list a professional certification on my résumé, but I always figgered it would end being something like "Certified by the Goth Association to Bring You Down." This will work too.

From the beginning, then: I am 24 years old. I play the polka. It wasn't always this way. What it all really means will become more clear as time progresses.