What's happened since last Thursday:

  • Interrobang and I had a party.
  • I got kinda drunk.
  • I got better, ate some pizza.
  • I took a personal day on Friday to get some extra sleep, and cleaned the apartment. A good day.
  • Went to see Sophie, interrobang's cousin, at Muddy Waters.
  • Sophie was really good.
  • Went to market with Lili and Lee. We had fun, though Lili started to get a bit frustrated later on.
  • Watched My Neighbor Totoro back home with Lili and Lee. Such a gentle, amazing movie.
  • Took Lili to Point Cinemas to see Spirited Away. We both enjoyed the movie a great deal. It's really a beautiful film.
  • Went to Baraboo for the evening to visit my parents. Happened to avoid a riot as a result. Who ever said I wasn't lucky?
  • Did laundry Sunday morning, and baked ginger snaps, my favorite cookies ever. (They've already been consumed by my co-workers, in case you were wondering.)
  • Dropped Lili off with her mom, and went home.
  • Smoked a cigarette.
  • Changed the license plates on Lee's car.
  • Had book club. Discussed Desperate Characters, which I loved, and no one else was nearly as enthusiastic about. I won't go into a lot of detail here, but it's a fantastic portrait of success gone awry - a modern couple that become the victims of their own social and class position. I like that kind of irony.
  • Had a surreal experience involving out-of-town revellers around for the riot. They'd apparently come to town drunk and couldn't remember where they had parked a car one of them had borrowed from her grandparents. Kids these days.
  • Went to bed. Slept pretty well.
  • Worked, updated my blog.
  • Wrote the lyrics to a song, tentatively called "The Best Natural Sweetener I've Ever Known." Revisions are likely
  • Felt okay for a change.


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