So someone found this site by searching Google for the phrase "serial sniper shootings." Kinda strange. I only offered my thoughts on that brouhaha once, and even then it wasn't much as far as commentary. But since folks might be looking for my opinion, let me elaborate:

This is not a serial killer. Earlier I wrote that it's "too random." For clarity's sake, let me say that although the method remains the same, the victims and the circumstances aren't thematically linked. This guy isn't killing to feed some hunger. He's doing it to disrupt our daily lives.

A friend of mine maintains that it's a serial killer - he says the geographic location and weapon make it so. But a serial killer gets more specific. A serial killer wants to get to know the victim, gets some kind of relief and satisfaction from dehumanizing the victim. This sniper isn't interested in that - he wants to maintain his distance. The fact that he strikes in open areas near lots of major highways only underlines his sanity. He knows what he has to do to get away.

I still have no doubts that they'll catch this jerk, especially now that the military is involved, but only because he will continue to strike. He's compelled not to satiate a need, but to demonstrate to others the damage one man can do.


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