So I've been invited for drinks tonight by some folks I used to work with. I'd love to go get punched up with a few pints, but.
Every time I go out with these folks, they end up discussing some new server optimized to compile some such program so many seconds faster. Or the new release of this software, how it blows away the previous version because of these fixes. Sure, I'm into computers. I'm just not into the high-wizardry of it.
So it's likely that Lee will be done with work very early today, and I could go pick her up, clean the apartment, and I could nab the guy who's embarrassed by my sister, the three of us could join them. They'll all be meeting at Paul's Club (their favorite bar), 9-ish. But wouldn't it be more productive for the three of us to take our discussions over what we have in common and leave those folks to what they have in common? Wouldn't it be more comfortable for all of us?
You see, I used to think so, but that kind of thinking prevents us from learning anything about ourselves. Yes, Lee and interrobang have things to share that I don't already know. Of course. Let's avoid the platitudes, though, and remember that when we willingly submit ourselves to a world that offers no confrontation, we cease to live.
So, whoever's reading this: drinks? Paul's Club? 9-ish?


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