Maybe I shouldn't be happy about this, but I am. It puts a big shit-stain on the ability of the United States to run any kind of "credible" war against Iraq.
I fully expect Bush and gang to change the terms of the argument, to finagle a justification for invasion, but as they continue to change the subject they look more and more foolish. The real solution is for them to say what this is really about. Let's talk about nails in carpentry instead of cotton candy in hardware design. Read me?
Last night, Eric made the point that if Bush openly said this pending war was about cheap oil, most Americans would throw their support to him. Because he'd be totally honest, totally right to pursue his nation's interests, and totally unstoppable in the next election. I felt uncomfortable when he said he'd be behind the President too. And today I realized that it made me uncomfortable because I'd support him too.
So when the war comes, let's just wish they'll be level with us. Okay?


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