Lately I've been feeling uncharacteristically run-down and tired. A Droopy kind of feeling by seven o'clock every night. Which is odd because I've slept remarkably well for several days now (Thursday night not included). I get the feeling I could sleep ten hours a night with only a blink of the eye. I won't complain about the ability to sleep deeply, but I want more energy in my days.
Which brings me back, as always, to the subject of exercise. Months ago, when I ran regularly, I felt superhuman. I worked like a juggernaut. I remained mentally alert until bedtime, at which point I very simply went to sleep. I required less sleep, as it was a more restful sleep. Nuclear rays shot out of my eyes and I punched through brick walls.
So what do I do now? I obsess, I write about it. I say to myself, "gee, I should run again." A braniac, I am. And a bit jealous, I am, since there's someone else out there who has found the motivation to run most of the week, and I hide beneath warm blankets in the morning. Maybe I'm just lazy - it wouldn't be the first evidence of it.
Or maybe today, at lunch, I should just go with it, and run for half an hour. Maybe that's all I have to say about this.


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