Jerry and Sandy went to high school with Richard and Roxann, and even after the two couples graduated, got married, and went their separate ways, they kept in close contact and remained friends. Jerry and Sandy had three children, two girls and a boy. Richard and Roxann bore two girls.

The youngest of all five children, R&R's daughter, got married this weekend. It was a fantastic time. In spite of injured foot, I drank my fill and got my dance on.

But the striking moment of the weekend was the ceremony, when the music played and the couples walked down the aisle. The groom, a strong, well-built young man from Northern Minnesota, stood at the end of the aisle, his hands folded before him, dressed head-to-toe in finery and quiet pride. Behind him, four young women in pale blue dresses that sparkled in the afternoon light. Behind him, four young men, trimmed and tucked in, resplendent in their fine black and white tuxedos.

The groom stood before a seated congregation, music in the air, a man alone, waiting for the woman he loved. It was such a succinct expression of humanity. It moved me, his poise and the strong look in his eye.


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