Band practice had an interesting vibe last night. We were short two members - our clarinet was sick and our trombone couldn't make it - so the sound wasn't as full. But interrobang plugged a wah-wah pedal into his guitar, which added a very interesting dimension to "She's Too Phat", "Who Stole the Kishka?", and "Viva Las Vegas."

We also started working out parts for "Rasputin", a Boney M song. Much to the consternation of one of our members.

Tonight is movie night at the Drudgery Port. A bunch of associated folks are getting together to watch monster movies, have a good time. That sort of thing. My ex-girlfriend will be there, and that makes me a bit apprehensive. It's not that I don't want to see her, or that we don't get along, because we get along just fine. But I keep getting the feeling that things aren't settled between us, and it has the potential to hang in the air like a smelly fart.

I will have a good time, that's certain. I haven't seen this movie in years, and if the rental store has it, we're watching it.


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