This weekend was excellent. Lili and I got on pretty well, and we saw many interesting things. Friday night we didn't do much (except watch Star Trek), but Saturday morning we packed a picnic for the Madison Farmer's Market. We had lunch there, and after getting rained out, went over to Lee's for a movie (Spy Kids - it's okay, and certainly a good one for kids) and a spaghetti dinner. Then it was early to bed.
Sunday we checked out the IronMan triathlon at various points. We played with Lego until her mom came to pick her up. I built a mutant space-age covered wagon of sorts. It kinda sucked, but it was fun.
In the meantime, I got a lot done on that bolo tie I'm beading together. It's over half done. At times I fret over the consistency of the tautness of the stitch, but it does look nice regardless. Interrobang is right: unless somebody is specifically looking for it, they will not notice.
Also: I bought speakers today. Through eBay, I paid about 50%. With shipping, maybe 66%. They're for the iBook. I'm excited.


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