So I'm not going to link to anything "September 11th" related. Because you and I already know exactly what's out there, and we don't need to see, read or hear it again.
It was a tragedy a year ago, and it remains that. What I find most difficult to grasp is the context this gives to the decade between 1991-2001. Living in America in those years, it's not like things were perfect, but an air of stability and general well-being existed around the world. Yes, there was Bosnia. Yes, there was Rwanda. Yes, there was East Timor. But these were the exceptions to the rule. Now, it would seem they were the rule. We in America are the exception.
Which makes me uncomfortable with the direction the country is going. The current administration looks ready to entrench us further in this dilemma - to take us farther down this road where the USA gets a pass, where the USA makes the rules and enforces them where they are convenient. Yet another reason why I'm so nostalgic for Clinton.
But deep down, I know Clinton, too, was part of the problem. He was better-liked, which helped, but he still sought to extend American hegemony through military interventions and economic deregulation. The solution lies in a day when we bargain from a lesser position. It's too bad we can't be fair now, because when we're down, we'll get kicked a bit.


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