I'm even more tired today than I was yesterday. Stayed up late at the Metafilter meetup. Slept something like four hours. Ick.
I've always been bad with money, but this really eats the apple. I got an email from HR today saying I hadn't cashed bonus checks for the entire length of my employment. I don't usually discuss work-related events here, and this really isn't about work. It's about my complete failure to realize that the checks weren't direct deposit, and now I've got a big ass-ton of money that's going into my account.
The situation strikes me both ways: super, great, fantastic; I get a little windfall, it's a nice boost I can use. Shit; my bookkeeping skills suck so hard.
So if you owe me money or something, pay up, because I really do know, and I'm going to come after you one of these days. Or something.


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