I can't help but comment on Iraq, the US, and madmen:

  1. Saddam Hussein is likely a madman.
  2. Saddam Hussein would love to see the US go away.
  3. It's possible Saddam Hussein is manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.
  4. Saddam Hussein is not stupid enough to attack America first or directly.
  5. Saudi Arabia stands to lose a lot if we install a friendly regime in Iraq.
  6. Americans generally have an insatiable appetite for destruction, I mean, cheap oil.
  7. President Bush wants to give the Americans what they want.
  8. President Bush is just stupid enough to attack Iraq first.
  9. President Bush has access to weapons of mass destruction.
  10. President Bush would love to see the Iraq of Saddam Hussein go away.
  11. President Bush is likely a madman.


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