Have become tired and grouchy this afternoon. Can't seem to pay attention to anything or stay focused. Growl. I've been getting these emails all afternoon, and with only two exceptions, I want to send a reply that says very simply, "f*&% off."
Band practice tonight, which I am looking forward to. It almost always invigorates me - something about that crowd of people makes me pay attention. I have to pick up Lili from day care beforehand, and I'll probably bring her with. Her mom has to pick her up after class, and doesn't want me bringing her to band practice. She's afraid it will cost Lili precious sleep time, or something. My feeling is that she fails to understand what a positive thing it is to have Lili exposed to music and its creation.
And then there's the Metafilter meetup tonight at the Plaza. I'll go, but probably not for long. As tired as I am, I'll end up punching someone in the neck over some triviality. That or I'll miss and get my ass kicked, either would suffice.


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