Today I was contacted about interviewing for a job I applied for two years ago. A bit strange. I haven't really decided if I'm going to pursue it or not.
The pros:

  • I'd work downtown again. This means I could walk or bike to work, and go home for lunch.
  • I'd have an office. That's right folks, my own entire room. With a window.
  • Yet faster internet connections than I have now.
  • A month of vacation.
  • An unbelievable benefits package.
The cons:
  • I love my job right now. Why change?
  • Also, people depend on me at my job. There's a lot riding on the skills I bring to the job.
  • The pay might be comparable to what I'm making now, but the raise scale surely would not be as generous.
  • I'm learning a lot here, gaining invaluable experience.
  • It might only be part-time.
Of course, nothing is certain. They only contacted me about an interview, which is a far cry from a job offer. And, as I've said above, I don't know if I will pursue. But it does give me a bit of an anxious feeling.


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