So I was in this swap-CD thing, through MetaFilter. There were six people in the group, plus one who tagged along with me. I made six CDs, got five CDs so far. Not a bad return, and I'm really enjoying the music that's come my way.
This is the playlist I put together:
"Dap Walk" - Ernie and the Top Notes, Inc. "Five Man Army" - Massive Attack "She's Unreal" - Meat Beat Manifesto "Rustic Bellyflop" - Fila Brazilia "Milk Man" - Aphex Twin "Gone to Earth" - The American Analog Set "Grumpus" - Lambchop "Follow the Light" - Dungeon Family "Dimentia 66" - My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult "Rosa Parks" - OutKast "Body Electric" - Sisters of Mercy "Little Deuce Coupe" - Beach Boys "ROYGBIV" - Boards of Canada "King of NY" - Automator, feat. Kool Keith "Just One Fix" - Ministry "B Side Wins Again" - Public Enemy "A Mother (for your mind)" - The Herbaliser "Old Salty Dog Blues" - Flatt and Scruggs
On a kind of related note, I'm checking out Public Enemy again. They really opened the door to hip-hop for me, way back in 1990; I was 12. It's very difficult to explain to people how a white kid from rural Wisconsin could connect with an urban, black, political message in the midst of Motley Crue and Metallica and Poison fans. At first, I was seduced by the music itself; to this day, I find Fear of a Black Planet to be one of the most innovative productions of the last twenty years. But I also connected with the anger and frustration towards unjust authority.
You remember being young, too, I'm guessing, and remember how unfair it could be. I don't want to lose touch with that. So I'm returning to the music it helped me discover, as a way of reconnecting with my first serious explorations in music.


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