I read Yahoo's Most Popular Content pretty religiously, sorted by most emailed for the last six hours. I think it's a fair check of the pulse of American office workers, and what they're looking at.
Sometimes it makes me want to cry, like this item. It borders on the nauseating. The executive quoted says it will not be disrespectful, but there's no way that can happen. Bear-out-of-woods comedy, by its nature, is a disrespectful format. You're supposed to laugh at the obvious inability of a group to adapt to unfamiliar surroundings. "We'll give these Jack Pine Savages some material comforts they've never known, and watch the hijinks ensue! Maybe one of the little ragamuffins will pee in the potted plants! Hee hee!"
And they're doing the same thing with celebrities. It's so demeaning, and is only slightly redeemed by the fact that these folks agree to participate. Ugh.


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