Here is the text of the letter from Mr. YJ, our friend from downstairs:

You are living above my place of business. We cannot change that so here are the problems you now face:
Legally, "water from above" is sort of like "hit from behind" in traffic law. That's right. You lose.
When you are dead drunk and playing in the bathtub with your mate, that water flows through my livelihood. When you run the dishwater over the sink, my customers get soaked. When you stop up a toilet, your feces lands on my employees.
It gets worse. Whatever the source, water steeped through a very old building comes out black. This causes real and measurable damage to merchandise for which you are completely responsible.
It's even worse than that. When water is running I am unable to lecture you about physics or civility. The only recourse I have is to shut off the building's water.
But it's even worse than that. I am a completely uncontrollable psychopath and may not be restrainable in the event of black water running on my customers or my staff.
So what to do? NUMBER ONE throw every towel, rug and all of your laundry (clean and dirty) on the water immediately. DO NOT under any circumstances allow any water through that floor. Period.
Prevention is always best but being uneducated and drunk you will find that impossible. WHEN you spill water, you MUST absorb it as soon as possible before it goes through the floor.
Believe me you will not want to be upstairs when water reaches my place.
Andrew Muzi, Yellow Jersey

Yikes! Guess I can't mop the floor anymore!


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