Citizen action.
This entire fiasco with the jerk downstairs is unfortunate. I see three problems:

  1. The landlord is too lazy and cheap to fix anything.
  2. The Jerk from downstairs cares a lot about his business, and is far too uptight.
  3. We folks upstairs are not going to be intimidated for a problem that is not our fault.
Really, this stems from the landlord. But he's played his cards pretty well, so Crazy Downstairs Guy thinks the poor plumbing is the fault of the tenants. The tenants believe the problem lies with the intense Crazy Guy downstairs. The nature of the tension sets everyone up to place blame on a party that truly is not at fault, and draws attention away from the real issue.
But when I say a party "that truly is not at fault," I'm not excusing threats of violence and the like. Mr. YJ needs to understand that such behavior is unacceptable, and none of us will stand for it.


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