Ay. I've been sleeping so little lately. It's the move, really it is.

I have to confess that this is the most difficult move I've ever done. I wasn't really well-organized for it, and so it's taking me more than a week. And I just remembered that I have to fill out my apartment damage report, detailing what's broken when we moved in. Ay.

This weekend promises to be crazy. I'm finishing up my move, Polkapocalypse is playing a gig Saturday night, Lee is working as a guest chef at Ian's Pizza Saturday afternoon, band practice Friday night, and Sunday. Sunday I'm taking Lili to meet Lee, and we'll all go to her (Lee) garden to pick vegetables. That's going to be the highlight of the weekend, is my guess.

I'm surprisingly comfortable with introducing Lili to Lee. I know they'll get along fine - Lili never met a stranger she didn't like, and l think Lee has a very kid-compatible manner - but I worry about the implications beyond that. Jamie, Lili's mom, will likely hear all about this, and I wonder what her reaction will be. In the past I've been fiercely guarded about the girlfriends Lili meets; that's to say she's met none of them.

It occurs to me that I feel so good about it because I'm healed. After more than five years, I've moved on from Jamie. We're still friends, but I'm not hurting about it anymore, and everything feels just right. This is a happy occasion.


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